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    Thanks Devin.  I created an empty folder and it worked just as well.  It takes a bit of time to figure this phone out but once you've got i,t its absolutely great!

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    To get rid of all albums, hook your iphone up to your computer using the usb cord which came with the phone.  Open itunes.  Wait a minute and you should see the category called "DEVICES" at the left of your screen.  Your phone should be listed under this category.  Click on your phone.  A screen should come up with your summary information on it.   On the top line, it reads, Summary, Info, Apps, Music, Movies, TV Shows, Photos.   Click on Photos.   Be certain that Sync Photos from in the middle of the screen is NOT checked, and then on your lower right click on "Sync".


    On the top of the screen, your sync steps will be seen as moving bar.  When that is complete and an apple reappears, all your albums should now be gone.  Go into photos and check it out.  


    There is one other album aside from camera roll which may still be there -- called Photo Stream.  If you see that, then the next step is to go into settings, click on "icloud", go down to Photo Stream, and set it to off.   You will be prompted to delete this album, and then it's gonzo.  


    I just went thru this process on the phone with an Apple rep, and it worked for me.


    I would have thought that there would be some more intuitive and less involved way to do this, but apparently this is how it's done.

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    I just brought my iphone two weeks ago and was having the same problem, so what i did was go to my pc folder (pictures) that all my photos were being stored and deleted them from there and did an itunes sync . camera roll is the only entity that has the delete button attached to it

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    worked like a champ

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    It is really making me crazy, still stuck with foto's that won't show up on my phone.

    They only count towards my diskspace and can be seen in the map view from photo's.

    Putting them in a new folder won't help either.


    It would be nice if an Apple Support Person would be helping us out with this problem.

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    Goodmorning Mafootje,

    I had the same problem but i figured it out using Alan Vermont's explanation above and it worked, again too there is an app called iexplorer that i also used to access my phone . the most important thing is to shut off photo stream and not sync your photos in itunes. Hope this helps please post how you made out

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    Creating an empty folder does the trick! Thank you!

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    OMGGG Thank yu sooo much!!! i been wanting those unwanted pics off sooo bad!

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    I understand there are remedies for this issue. However, if you search the iPhone User Guide ( for "Deleting Pictures' or "Deleting Photos" Acrobat returns NO RESULTS!


    Does Apple ever get disgraced?

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    I just explore the iphone through windows explorer and highlight and delete. Its much easier then trying to choose what to sync with which album especially when you have 300+ photos. You should not have to sync to delete.. Thats just me though.

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    Ok these people are so confusing about the new IPhone 4s and know of their inputs helped. This what you need to do. go to your SETTINGS, Then to ICLOUDS when you are in Iclouds there is a switch that says PHOTO STREAMS turn it off and it will say all photos will be delete. It means the photos attached to the stream photo if you have another photo album it will not delete. I been frustrated with the same issue so i hope this helps you.

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    got the same problem on the 4S

    had some pictures which should not be on there,

    so only way I could dump them without hooking it up to a itunes

    was to go to:

    Settings -> General -> Reset -> Earase All contents and Settings


    and to think; individual pictures can be easily deleted on an andriod phone without having to therether it to a computer

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    i had the same problem, had another 'album' called photo stream? i opened Settings, Photos and right there there is a slider labelled Photo Stream. It was set to ON

    I moved it to OFF and a box popped up, asked if I wanted to delete?



    Pictures gone!



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    If there are any apple technichians or programmers reading this, please answer this question; why create an amazing line of apple products if you have to use them with backward Itunes? Itunes is the most irritating, backward, non sensical, annoying, badly thought of programme that ive ever used! Why do I have to go through this mundane bs process of syncing and un syncing? All I want to do is be able to drag and drop, delete when I want to delete. Why must I plug my phone in to my pc (which is a massive inconvience) just to delete some photos? Not only that but navigate through a page that doesnt explain properly the function of what they do( itunes). Ive followed the fore mentioned step by step guild to remove from my iphone 4s some photos;

    1) find the "photos" tab

    2) Untick any ticks below to unsync and remove folder from phone

    3) press the sync button at the bottom right to allow changes to take place.


    Non of this is working. Tell me why I cant just delete them off MY phone please?

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    Thank you!!!!!  Very helpful!!