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I posted this on another thread but decided to start my own topic since it may not be related to the other problem.

I can't turn on my 30" display. The power adapter is cold which tells me that it turned off some time during the night. I connected a spare monitor to my MacPro and was able to open sys prefs to try and tinker with display settings. Oddly, it detects the 30" HD display even though it's not on. I'm confused.

trouble shooting:
I tried pressing the ON/OFF button on the side of display - NG
I unplugged the display and tried a different power outlet - NG
I disconnected the display from my geffen DVI switcher and plugged it into the direct port on the back of the MacPro then restart - NG

Would anyone suggest that I should go out and purchase a new Cinema HD Display 150W Power adapter?


MacPro 2x3GHz Quad-Core 16GB Ram ATIRadionX1900 4X750HD Raid065-0288card, Mac OS X (10.5.1), ipod 80g video/ G5 dual 2.5 GHz Power PC/