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drewmancusi Level 1 Level 1
whenever I open iTunes on my computer it will freeze, not even allowing me to close it. any help?

hp, Windows 7
  • joshkerry123 Level 1 Level 1
    I am also having the same problem any help please?
  • nugewqtd Level 1 Level 1
    I was also having the same problem. I read in another forum to delete some files in my iTunes Music folder. I did that but the problem remained. So I just renamed my folder to something without iTunes and then deleted everything but actual music files. I opened iTunes and finally did not freeze. And the "Determining Gapless Playback" completed. I hope this works for you.
  • stubass311 Level 1 Level 1
    I'm having the same problem.

    It only started happening since version 10.2 and 10.2.1 didn't fix the problem.

    If I un-install and re-install it it will sync once, and then from then on when ever I connect the ipod, itunes freezes.

    I have deselected "prevent from automatically syncing."
  • Cango_UK Level 1 Level 1
    It's something I've been dealing with for a while, and I've been unsure of why.

    I managed to get a bit of a breakthrough yesterday. While thinking that itunes had done it's usual and frozen, I unplugged the ipod before stopping it, itunes immediatly came back to life and reported that it had NOT FINISHED reading the ipod folder... and there lies the gold - it's working but VERY slowly. Which points the finger very squarely at the Ipod's drive. I had noticed that the ipod it's self was sometimes slow to repsonde to button pressing, such as track skipping etc.

    So I googled that, and it came up with the suggestion that the ipod be defragged, so I plugged it in, did not start itunes, and defragged the drive, AND did an indepth disk scan, asking it to fix errors. It found some bad sectors, recovered them, and then I defragged again.

    I unplugged it, checked the operation of the ipod, which seemed to have improved, and then plugged it in again. and it worked, itunes found the ipod and sync'ed up, not problem. Give it a try.
  • stubass311 Level 1 Level 1
    I'm using an iPod touch which uses a flash drive and can't be (or need to be) defraged.

    Thanks for the suggestion.
  • GeoffreyJackson Level 1 Level 1
    Tunes froze when I upgraded to after recently acquiring a 3rd generation Nano to replace my 1st generation that wouldn't reset. It's all working now after uninstalling and then installing 10.1.2. I had to delete "iTunes Library.itl" for iTunes to load. I then had add my folder to get back all my Poscasts and then re-subscribe to my relevant podcasts. After this I upgraded back to and everything is sweet . So effectively I rebuilt my "iTunes Library.itl" file - I suspect that this file became corrupted either during the iTunes upgrade and/or introducing mt new iPod Nano and/or something else.