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I have photos clearly labelled with the correct original date being displayed in Events several days removed from that date. For instance, I have an Event for 8/7/10 that has photos in it dated 8/2/10 and even 8/3/10. The photos have modification and import dates that make sense, but nothing that would suggest (to me) that they should go in a different Event. (iPhoto 09)

Thanks a million,Mark

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    the "date" of an event is a display reporting what the dates of the photos in the event are - to change the "date" of an event you must change the dates of the photo(s) in it - you can not set an event "date"

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    Thanks for your reply: I know how to change the dates, my question is how did they get messed up in the first place? iPhoto assigns the dates to an event based on the date in the metadata of the photo.... so how does it(not me) assign pictures with different dates to the same event.

    The reason this is important is that when I imported about 5000 pictures from two different cameras, instead of getting the nicely organized presentation of pictures, I got a mess! To sort this out manually is a time sucker and a half and whatever I did wrong in the first place, I do not want to do again.

    Thanks for your thoughts,
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    How are you importing - directly from the camera?

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    I have been importing from the SD card from the camera. The weird thing is that most of the pictures are fine but some will show up in an event that has a completely different date. The pictures that show up in the wrong place, show the correct date when I do the "get info" command.

    Thanks again,
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    It's funny how often people answer a different problem than you describe, because they cannot conceive of the problem happening as you describe, but your description matches my issue exactly, except for the dates.

    Simply put: I import photos from an SD card via the slot or via camera USB cable (doesn't make any difference).

    The date range of the photos may be Feb 27, 2011 through March 1, 2011, but the Event for that group will auto-name itself Feb 27, 2000 (an eleven year difference). In fact all my auto-named events are year 2000.

    If I go "into" an event, it will show the range as Feb 27, 2000 – Mar 1, 2000 but each individual photo will have the year, correctly, "2011"

    The system date is correct. The photos' individual dates and time reflect actual moment of exposure. The Event dates are "2000" however.

    Side note, but seemingly related: everything in my downloads folder has the year 2000 also. Again, system clock is correct
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    You problem could be associated with custom date formats in the System ➙ Language & Text ➙ Formats pane.

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    Correction, path should be System Preferences ➙ System ➙ Date & Time ➙ Date & Time (Tab) ➙ Open Language and Text… (Button) ➙ Formats (Tab)

    THANKS. That seems to be related. My language (under the Language tab on this window) was set to English, but the Format (tab) should have said United States, but instead said Custom. Changing it to United States showed a change on that window where they display examples of the Jan 1 date.

    Interestingly, only the abbreviated date was wrong. The others showed 2011, except for the one marked as Jan 1, 2000.


    So I clicked the "Customize" button and it showed that once choice (of how to display it) as a typed-in value (vs a menu choice) and it had been typed in "2000"


    So, now I have it corrected to United States, not Custom, and all the example formats are 2011 (as they should be). The days of downloaded files have all changed back to proper year, so apparently the dates were saved right, but display (and sort) wrong.

    Thanks for your insight.

    As far as the iPhoto Events having the wrong Dates, my conclusion is that this "Customized" date format glitch is the culprit: Since the individual photos each have the correct date despite the Event having the wrong date, I have to look at the Event date as merely a wrong name, not a reflection of a wrong date.

    Since I gave a test import no name prior to import, just now, it named the import/Event with the Abbreviated date (which is now correctly formatted). That name should "ride with" the Event regardless of what else I do to the photos. It's just a name that gets assigned which happens to look like a Date (I could name it a date in the future and it would have no bearing on sorting or other data functions).