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Yesterday i dropped my iPhone 4 into the toilet and i straight away took it out and dried it off with a towel, i then ran downstairs and put it in a bowl of rice, i left the bowl of rice on the radiator and waited 24 hours. I then took it out of the bowl and tried turning it on.. The apple logo came up and it was turning on. Then it came up with the screen which you get if you restart it to factory settings, with a usb plug and itunes icon and a slider to call emergency services. I left it on charge for a while and then came back to plug it into my laptop, but it kept turning on and off when plugged in. The apple logo would come up and then it would turn off. When i took it off charge it didnt start up at all. The only way i could get it to respond was by holding the power and home buttons down and then releasing the power button to put it into recovery mode. At which point itunes recognized it as being in recovery mode. It asked me to download an update and restore the phone so i clicked yes and it started downloading. When it finished it came up with a message saying 'error 3104' and the phone was still in recovery mode. So thats the situation, i have an iPhone 4 which turns on and off and only goes into recovery mode. Is it permanently broken? Or is there something i can do? Thanks for any help and your time.

Iphone 4, Windows Vista
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    You probably took it out of the rice too soon and powered it up... not good. Put it back in for 5 days and see what you have.
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    iPhones don't take baths too well. You can do what the other responder suggested and put it in rice for a few days, but this usually doesn't work too well. Here in the US Apple has an out of warranty replacement policy for situations like this. You might want to check on the policy in the UK, but I'm betting it's pretty much the same. Here in the US, they'll give us a replacement phone for the subsidized price we paid when new. For example, a 16GB iP4 costs $199 and we are tied to a two year contract with AT&T. So, when a phone goes for an unplanned swim, Apple will let us purchase a replacement phone for the same price. Good luck.......