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I just spent 20 minutes reading a Windoze forum on Apple - that was closed without anyone from Apple EVER deigning to respond - about how iTunes downloads take forever. They blame Texas. They blame Windoze, Roadrunner, and they blame Time Warner.

But I got me a Macbook, up to date, and my current iTunes podcast download reads "1.4 MB of 97.0 MB - 11 hours remaining" with 9 others waiting (simultaneous download disabled) - on AT&T with fiber to the node that tests out at 11.4 MBps download with iTunes doing this insane download slowdown.

Don't blame anyone but us. We gave them too much money and they have become to arrogant to provide service or bother to respond when we complain. First, Redmond, now Cupertino.

I feel like I woke up in a Leonard Cohen song. Next, they take Berlin.

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.4.11), probably my last until they show they give a rat's ***
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    Evidently the word he11 offends certain sensibilities.

    But that was the word - not the stronger one you whisper under your breath when you try to download a podcast.
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    iTunes downloads SLOW AS **

    Slow as 4 stars? Mine is definitely at least 5 stars and zipping nicely.
    without anyone from Apple EVER deigning to respond

    These are user to user forums.
    Apple won't post or respond.
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    LOL. OK. The people who MODERATE this Apple SUPPORT forum (by removing my subsequent explanation that ** was a reference to a place of eternal suffering) - and no one else - was able to insert a link or helpful instructions in 8 pages of that thread that explains the dismal performance of iTunes in Windoze.

    My iTunes ran all night. It downloaded ~ 200 MB. Once I refreshed the downtrottled third download, it zipped along fine too, downloading ~ 2 GB while I wrote this before sunrise. With making no changes to any configuration, power-cycling, rebooting, dumping cache, "opening up" firewall ports - or any action on my part except initiating an iTunes connection when most people in the US are sleeping.

    So if it isn't Texas, or Windoze, or Time Warner, or the DNS cache, or the firewall ports being filtered - and I can reliably replicate the problem concurrent with the higher traffic hours of the day in North America.

    The download that ground to a halt sometime in the middle of the night didn't pick up speed until I woke up, paused it, and restarted it. It didn't time out or issue an error code I could contact Apple and complain about - it just sat there for hours apparently doing nothing.
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    Interesting... I am having exactly the same probelm. My download speed for the last 3 days in itunes has been around 17kps! I have managed to download 1 and half movies so far... I have checked everything as per you post, speed tests, check DNS thingo, check various network and firewall settings... and it is iTunes. Strange that when I was in Saudi Arabia a few weeks ago the speed was acceptable, now in Bahrain it seriously *****... any advice welcome!
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    When I Googled the phrase "Apple downloads slow as heck" and limited my search to news in the last month, I found two stories (one perhaps quoting another) suggesting an unidentified source at Apple was pointing a finger at Google DNS servers and later stumbled on a cranky customer who bought the Apple TV gizmo/service apparently quoting someone at Apple support as blaming Netflicks.

    Feh. Even if either are true, the bottom line is that Apple positioned themselves as a content provider. If they allow third parties or contractors to deliver, we customers sure as heck don't care. We want the content we paid Apple for. I've been able to conclusively prove this poor downstream performance isn't related to OS, hardware, ISP, LAN congestion, or type of Intert00bs connection. It's specific to Apple delivering content downstream.

    It isn't just iTunes. I am responsible for my company's IT and I have been unable to use the Apple updater to update Safari or Quicktime for a month on them pesky Windoze machines. Same behavior: download starts at the speed you expect then grinds to a halt and just does nothing. The office has vDSL fiber to the node with no bandwidth issues except one: Apple.

    So we uninstalled Safari company-wide except on the machine I use to check new web page rendering. The Windoze version had become a huge pig of CPU cycles recently - worse than Internet Exploder - and what's the point of even having it as an end user option if I try every week to download the new (more secure) version and the Apple server chokes?

    Instead of using the updater for Quicktime, I went to the Quicktime download page and used Firefox to download the new version for internal distribution. I had to pause and resume it about 6 times, but finally got a copy to manually distribute over the LAN to each client.

    I will admit I occasionally get great downstream connects. When I was traveling in central Illinois last month on hotel WiFi (that runs about 5% as fast as my office vDSL) iTunes downloads were zippy. But that's an exception, not my everyday experience.

    We aren't perfect, so that giant screen next to Mr. Jobs said to us. OK. Imperfection is job security to we the geeks. I recall when ISDN was a new and wobbly telecom service, as many new technologies are. Unfortunately, Apple is starting to acquire the reputation that we who wrestled with making those connects stable turned that acronym into:

    It Still Does Nothing.
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    Upgraded the old MacBook to Snow Leopard. The out of the box disk of course doesn't include the latest fixes.

    Verified download speed > 11 MBps DURING Software Update. Software update says my 1.49 GB patch download will complete in 579 hours.


    I note that that my reference to Apple downloads being he11 was quickly Moderated (removed) then unexpectedly restored after I complained that obviously Apple reads these forums, they just expect us to help ourselves.

    To dialup speed downloads of Apple product. I have been able to reinstall several apps on the same laptop using a Windoze box on the same LAN than can download dmg files over 10 MB in moments. Using the same connection through the same switch.
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    My downloads have been fast, until today. I can usually get CarTalk in under 1 minute. Today, I got a bar that says 19 minutes expected - and it took at least 10 minutes.
    ***? I just upgraded to iTunes 10.2.1(1). This has only been a problem since then. I've noticed this type of "lag time" in downloads after upgrades before (at least twice in the past).
    So to to iTunes and report a problem with the download. It the past, they seem to fix the problem in a couple of days. Hope we have the same response or better here.
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    My iPhone AND my Macbook are experiencing VERY slow download times for apps, podcasts, etc. I don't know what is going on but it is very frustrating.
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    No Kidding. Downloads were just fine and dandy before I 'upgraded' to the latest iTunes version yesterday.

    Apple's really becoming Windows Part 2 - you really want to think twice before hitting the "download and install updates" button. I usually end up kicking myself for falling for it.
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    was having the same issue. try going to this folder and deleting the file in it. Just close out iTunes delete and re-open. This worked perfectly for me.


    C:\Users\*your username*\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\Preferences\ByHost and there will be a file with a bunch of numbers. just delete it, it won't affect anything but your download speeds.

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    this solution that you've posted will be great for windows users, but how about Mac users?

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    I am running Itunes 10.5 .1 on Mac OS 10.7.2.  Downloads of podcasts have slowed to a crawl that eventually gives up, even if I give it plenty of time to run.  I attempted the solution attest to by jbird6024, and ran into some immediate problems, including no file or folder known as "byhost" and no files called itunes.plist.

    What am I doing wrong?