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Can anyone please tell me if it is possible to change the speed of the scrolling text when you select "Far Far Away" title slide. I am able to change the length that the slide takes to progress to the next using clip adjustments but cannot seem to find an option to change the speed of the scrolling text. It goes so quick it is very difficult to read.

I am new to Imovie so any help would be appreciated
Many thanks

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    The trick is to extend the background clip to a longer duration, then adjust the scrolling title to the same length (this sometimes will occur automatically once the background is extended). Keep adjusting until you get the desired scrolling speed.

    To lengthen the background, click on the small cogwheel icon, select Clip Adjustments then adjust the duration in the Inspector. Or if you have this option selected in Preferences (Double-click to edit), just double-click on the background clip to open the Inspector.

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    Forgot to mention - to extend the actual title, double-click on the title bar above the background clip. This will open the Inspector for the title text. Change the duration to match the background duration.

    As I mentioned earlier, make sure you have "Double-click to edit" selected in iMovie's Preferences (menu item iMovie>Preferences) - this item will appear under the Browser tab. Another way is to click on the title bar then click on the Inspector icon (i surrounded by a black circle) in the middle bar that separates the Events and Projects windows.

    PS This answer is probably more relevant to your question, having re-read what you posted!


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    It just took me some minutes to figure this way of making the titles run at a legible speed from another, archived, post.


    You explained it clearly.


    I double-clicked on the clip & changed the duration of the background clip. Then I double-clicked on the blue call out bar above the clip to change the duration of the title animation. I can now read the titles.

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    Thank you PrettyGreenParrot - I try to explain things clearly, but sometimes that requires getting a bit verbose! Short, sharp and shiny doesn't always work for me!



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    Thank you very much!

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    Glad it helped! Great that you were able to track down these old posts!