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I've had my iPad for a month now and have noticed that it keeps dropping the wifi connection... It says it's connected but safari blue status bar just lingers past the http in the address bar, with me keep having to go back and reconnect for it to work. I must say I don't think I had this issue before I updated it to iOS 4.

I'm using a Belkin N+ Wireless router and have an 8MB internet speed.

Is there an existing fix for the issue?

iPad, iOS 4
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    Hi Ben de Freitas, just responded to your iMac question, now will take a try at this one.

    There was a recent thread on here about a problem connecting to a Belkin router. Solution that finally worked after trying:

    1. Power cycle the iPad
    2. Reset WiFi settings
    3. Hard reset of iPad...hold both sleep and home buttons until the Apple logo appears
    4. Power cycle the router.

    The last had to be done by a reset button on the back of the Belkin router. Make sure the router is shutdown completely before restarting it.

    Enter all of the network settings by hand into the iPad. Make sure Settings > Safari AutoFill is turned OFF.

    See if that doesn't help.

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    I am having the same problem. Ipad works for a while then hangs up and error message says server is not responding. Full bars on signal strength indicator.

    I have a Siemens dsl wireless modem that works without problem on mac and pc computers. Ipad also works without problem at other sites. Problem location is using wpa security.

    thoughts anyone?

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    Having problems with my Belkin Router now, it wont connect to the internet. Belkin Tech support couldn't even fix the issue. So will be deciding on getting an Airport Extreme, do you think the iPad problem will persist if i do make this decision?
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    The iPad and the AirPort Extreme should match up very well. The Apple Stores use the AirPort (at least the two close to me) and the iPads all connect effortlessly at those stores. I don't recall anyone on here having big problems with the iPad/AirPort match up.

    A number of people have talked about buying the AirPort Express to use when traveling since it is so small and light and makes a great local WiFi hotspot for them.

    Sorry the Belkin wasn't useable but it is nice to know where the source of the problem was.
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    Thanks Ralph!

    Went to Virgin to price the AE it was nuts something like $250... Bwaaaahahaha so ended up getting a Cisco Linksys, which is working way better than that Belkin.... It was half the price! YAY I have wireless again...

    Haven't forgotten about that superdrive problem yet, cause I keep forgetting to go buy those darn discs.... will place reminder on phone for tomorrow...
    Keep you posted!

    Thanks for all your help yo!