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This is happening to me nearly every time now...

Late 2009 iMac i7 27" + OS X 10.6.5. My wireless bluetooth and mouse were paired and working fine. I get a low battery warning on either the mouse or keyboard and replace with fully charged set of batteries. After this I find the device (keyboard or mouse, whichever ran out) will not connect. No amount of turning the device on/off, trying to connect from Finder etc will connect it. I just get the flashing green LED on the device. Trying to browse the BT device from Finder is sluggish (beach-ball). Console messages show SystemUIServer HID device connect failures. The only way I can connect it is to restart the iMac, then it works. It shouldn't really be this way - do others get this, is there a fix for it?


iMac i7 27", Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    Hi BillD -

    I have had the same exact issue, and worse. This morning BT didn't even appear in my machine's hardware configuration. I had to get my husbands wired PC keyboard and mouse to shut down and restart my iMac twice before things would get recognized. It's horrible to have issues with even your most basic peripherals.

    I suppose the wireless keyboard and mouse look cool, but I haven't found them to be very functional. I'm going to get the USB keyboard with the 10-key (looks just like the one that came with the iMac, but meant for people who actually use their machines for something more than email). I'm just irked that I have to.

    Do you use rechargeable batteries? I find that they get drained really quickly. I'm tired of swapping them out all the time, and regular batteries are just not eco-friendly. I find this BT setup a little in conflict with Apple's 'green' marketing stuff.