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How can I figure out what app is taking up so much space on my iPad? Not apparent when I look at the apps through iTunes...how can I see what is taking up so much space...doesn't make sense to me.

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    It should be apparent when you go through iTunes and view in cover flow or in a list.

    Open iTunes on your computer and on the left side tab library, there will be an item named apps. Click on that (apps) and you can view each app, what type it is and see the size they take up.

    You can also connect your iPad to the computer, open iTunes and see exactly which apps are on your iPad and the space they are taking up. I suggest this way of checking because if you have multiple iPods, iPod Touches etc, synced to iTunes, those apps will show up in your library and you may not know which ones are on those devices. You can see specifically which apps are synced to what device when that device is connected to your computer.

    I assume that you think that an app is taking up and extremely large amount of space on your iPad. Some games can be 500 MB or more and videos can take up Gigabytes of space.

    What leads you to this conclusion that an app is taking up so much space? Are you running out of space you know that for sure?

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    What do you mean by "so much space?"