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    There's no reason this problem should still exist. Apple needs to fix this IMMEDIATELY. When you spend between 200- 500 on a phone it shouldnt have these problems. I just bought m I Phone 4 4.2.1 a week ago and the reception is terrible and now the alarms don't work- BS
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    raiste.geo wrote:
    Mine wasn't working either. I had about 25 different alarm settings. I know,
    a little crazy.

    Not so crazy. I was in chemo, with a complicated schedule of steroids and anti-nausea drugs that I often had to take in a noisy environment where there were no clocks, so I relied on my phone's loudest alarm to let me know when to pop a pill. I'm just lucky I didn't get hit with a bug then. Most likely someone else did get physically harmed by this bug.
  • Maatre Level 1 (5 points)
    My alarm failed today, too. I was shocked when I went online to see if there was any info on this and discovered how widespread it was.

    Other posters have gotten it right, and I just had to respond because the Apple defender slaves on this board seem to want to just pooh-pooh the problems with Apple messes up with the basics.

    Time is important, people. Reliability is important. Don't bill this phone as so cool, so great, so with it, if it is just going to be a toy!

    I suspect most people, like me, would accept as compensation a simple "We're sorry we screwed up" from Apple (plus a fix, of course).

    It would be refreshing given the arrogance of Steve Jobs and the stupidity of some of Apple's mistakes: no alphabetizing the notes on the iphone? Taking away the rotation lock on the iPad because Jobs just doesn't like it? Everyone get a CASE for the iPhone since it doesn't have a good enough antenna (never needed a case for my motorola)? Good lord, does the man's ego and Apple's inability to really do things right have no end? Why the heck is it Day 3 of the Great Alarm Failure and NO real response from Apple? That's the most insulting thing - Steve is just too good for the rest of us.

    I think at this point I'll take the reliable nerd in the commercials rather than the cool, hip Apple guy who is showing us he's probably a flake.
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    Select repeat and check a couple of days, it will work then
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    It works as of Jan. 3, 2011 but you must reboot your iphone first. It would have been nice if Apple had clarified this.

    A simple “soft” reboot (holding the home button and the sleep/wake button simultaneously until the Apple boot logo appears) will cause your iPhone to dump its temporarily stored files and fix the alarm bug.

    Good luck.
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    Mine did that too. Just restart your phone.. Home button and lock button =]
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    hey i had same problem so i set phone back to 2010 and took auto time set off and it worked again so i then set time back to 2011 but still on manual time set and its working
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    Mike78519 wrote:
    It works as of Jan. 3, 2011 but you must reboot your iphone first. It would
    have been nice if Apple had clarified this.

    You don't have to reboot. I tested it yesterday. All you have to do is set a new alarm anytime after 1/2/11. All alarms created and set after that date are OK. Of course, who knows for how long???
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    The Alarms have always worked correctly for me, but maybe you need to reset your recurring alarms, if that's where your problem is.

    I use the Alerts in the iCal app, and the Alarm Clock, as well. I don't use it often, but it has come in handy a time or three.

    I know Apple has said it is aware of something along these lines, but if mine, and my wife's has always worked, what fix would there be?

    I don't use recurring alarms, but she does, and it always seems to work for her.

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    Scuba Dan wrote:
    WOW! Unbelievable. It's Monday morning 1/3/11 and I was late for work because my iPhone alarm didn't go off! Is Apple going to compensate everyone for this? How many people suffered lost work hours trhis morning due to their faulty product?

    "The dog ate my homework" argument doesn't work with teachers or employers. Move along
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    As I posted in another thread:

    Mark me down as one NOT affected by this bug.

    Running a 32GB iPhone 4, with Rogers in Canada, GMT -6:00

    Hadn't really used the alarm clock until the 2nd of January, although I had played around with it. Performed a restore earlier in the day on the 2nd as well, read this thread on the night of the second and tested out my alarm, worked fine then, works fine now. Woke me up on the 3rd and today as well.

    I didn't read the whole thread, but perhaps those who are affected by this should try a clean restore of your phone, without using a backup.

    I'm sure some of you have tried this, and forgive me for not reading the many pages to this thread, but I figured the more information we can gather on this problem, the better.
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    I had the original bug that was fixed with 4.2.1 but that was it. My alarm went off just fine on 1/1.
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    No problem. This is because all alarm is set for year 2010.
    Delete all old alarms and create new one (for year 2011)
  • os4problem Level 1 (0 points)
    No problem. This is because all alarm is set for year 2010.
    Delete all old alarms and create new one (for year 2011)

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