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I have an un-activated Original iPhone that was replaced by my 3GS. I'd like to update the old model to iOS 3.1.3 (which, IIRC, was the last version to work on the Original iPhone) before I pass it on to someone else.

Can I just hook it up to iTunes and click on Restore to Default? I plan on using my G4 iMac running Tiger and iTunes 9 so as to not mess up the settings on my main iMac.

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    You can only restore and/or update if you have the SIM card that was active still in the iphone or an active SIM in the iphone.
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    I'm confused here; then how can people be using unactivated, no ATT account iPhones as an iTouch? Juliet Bravo?

    What about if I use the SIM out of my current iPhone temporarily in the old iPhone to update the iOS?

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    What is confusing you?

    You can use the iphone as an ipod:


    You CANNOT update or restore without the SIM in the iphone that was previously active or an active SIM.

    From the article above:

    "To continue using your original iPhone without active cellular service, leave the inactive SIM card in place. You will be able to use the iPhone as you would an iPod touch (Wi-Fi only, no cellular service) as long as you keep the SIM with which it was last used, even if you update or restore the operating system of the original iPhone."
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    They can use the functions just fine, they just can't update the software. Without the original SIM (even if it no longer works on the cell network) or a functioning SIM, the iPhone can't properly validate the device for the software update.
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    OK, I took the blank SIM out of the Original iPhone and replaced it with an active SIM. I then connected to my PowerBook and was able to update the iPhone to iOS 3.1.3. I then put the blank SIM back in it and returned the active SIM to it's iPhone.
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    I am having trouble with this issue, too. I have an original iPhone that my son has been using as an iPod Touch. It is currently running Version 3.0 so I wanted to try and update it to 3.1.3. I never had a sim card in it. I did, however, find my original SIM for that phone. I put that in and I got the "connect to iTunes" screen. The phone showed me my phone number and it wanted me to agree to terms of use, etc. Then at the end, it wanted me to add a data plan for $20??? There was no other option. So I am totally confused now. What am I missing?

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