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I have an iPod Classic 120 GB - out of nowhere - there is the "lock" symbol on the screen and it won't unlock. The Hold button is in the off position. I tried pushing it on and off but the lock stays on. The touch pad wouldn't respond to the touch and I eventually chose "Reset" on iTunes and went through the whole process. It wiped the iPod, reloaded all my files, but the Lock was still on and won't respond. I tried holding Menu and Select and this time it reset, but the lock is still on and I can't even choose "English" for the language. When it powers down (battery save) it's as good as dead. I can only wake it up by plugging it into my computer but it still won't let me select anything.

I never put the lock on in the first place so I have no idea what to do about it and there's no option to unlock from iTunes.

Any suggestions would be welcome. Thank you!

HP Pavilion, Windows Vista
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    Sounds like you may have broken the lock switch with it in the locked position. I know the assembly can be replaced, as with batteries & headphone jacks. Is it still under warranty? If not, shop around for parts or a repair service.

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    I suppose your solution may be the only one - but I don't think it's the switch. I never put the hold button in the locked position - never. And it was in the on position when I discovered the problem. But I guess I'll have to take it in. Thanks.
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    This happened to me I have Ipod classic 30g- older generation, not sure which.
    The locked symbol came on for no reason. The wheel wouldn't function, the clock froze, couldn't play music, wouldn't come up as an icon on the computer, or in itunes. I let the battery go down overnight-I really had no choice- since the Ipod would not respond to anything I did, I couldn't turn it off. The next morning, I saw that the lock had disappeared. It was low on juice but once attached to the computer, the icon came up in Itunes like normal and it began to recharge. These things are very finicky.