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I'm having intermittent Audio sync issues with Apple TV. It happens using Netflix, renting movies from Apple, and streaming movies from my computer over the wireless network.

I've eliminated the wireless network as a problem by connecting the Apple TV directly to a wired router, the sync issues are still present.

It doesn't happen all the time. I would estimate that it happens 70% of the time. And like I said earlier, its intermittent. I played an episode of "The Office" and it worked great, no sync issues. I played the exact same episode 10 minuets later and the sync issues were back. This doesn't just happen with Netflix. It also has happened on two movies I rented from Apple.

I love the possibilities with Apple TV but these problems are unacceptable. At this point I'm thinking of returning it and being done with it until this is fixed.

Anyone have any ideas?

Custom, Windows 7
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    Just to clarify, by "Audio Sync Issues" I mean lip-sync issues. The voice is out of sync with the video.

    Appreciate any advice!!!
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  • brianmg5 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I've found the problem. It was the TV. It's an older LCD and for whatever reason, it produces a delay in the audio after about a half an hour to an hour. To resolve it, I just need to turn the TV off and on again.
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    Take the TV back
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    I came to this thread looking for some company. I have a brand new Samsung 3-D TV. I'm having audio sync issues right now watching a streaming movie from Netflix. My ATV2 is connected to my network via ethernet cable. I have an extremely fast connection to my provider.

    So -- it's not the TV. It might be Netflix? I'm gathering that from a few of the other threads here. I didn't notice it on the 2 TV episodes I rented from iTunes.

    Perhaps we can keep this going and narrow it down. My TV has it's own connection to the internet and I can access Netflix that way. I plan to do this for the next movie to see if there's any difference.
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    Is it throughout the whole movie or just at certain spots?
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    Right now it's throughout the whole movie. (I'm still watching it and it's still happening). The sound is before the lip movement.

    I remember I saw a setting somewhere to adjust sound in milliseconds. I'm not sure if it's on the TV, the ATV or the Blu-ray player because all three are new. I don't have any kind of fancy dolby surround. Just the TV sound direct.

    The Blu-ray player also has Netflix on it. So I have two other places to try.
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    An update:

    I'm watching a different movie now; Netflix/ ATV2/ Samsung current model TV.

    The sync is perfect.

    I went to Netflix to write and ask about known problems. You can't really do that but you can choose a recent movie you've streamed and 'report a problem'. When I clicked to do that the first option is 'sound out of sync with video'. I clicked and a report note was sent to them.

    The response was they would look into that particular movie and check. So could it really be an individual movie problem? I wouldn't think so. But the one I'm watching now is perfect.
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    I am running into the same problems: out of sync audio over Apple TV Netflix or streaming content. (Everything is wired to the network, and using HDMI 1.4 connections). The problem is most evident streaming Netflix on ATV, but also has audio issues with some of the purchased content from iTunes as well.

    I have no problems streaming content from Netflix or other services from my apps on the Xbox 360, my Bluray player or my TV Netflix app.
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    I am having the same lip sync issues on my new apple TV -

    but Netflicks works fine on my WII player!

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    I am having the same issue with Netflix.  If I stream anything in the Stargate series, it's out of sync. If I stream it on my TiVo, Wii, or PS3 it's fine. I am using a wired ethernet connection straight to an Apple Airport Extreme router. I have restored the Apple TV to new and stared over but that didn't help. I tried a different HDMI cable too, that didn't help either. I even tried unplugging it over night but it's still doing it. This is clearly an Apple TV issue.

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    Also having issues with audio synch on my new ATV2 with netflix, most obvious on Stargate SGU. Most films and series are OK but some are awful.


    no issues like this on my xbox (and in full HD no less), if it wasn't the noisiest box in my unit I'd use it instead!


    I've raised a feedback request with apple as a bug, suggest everybody do the same.


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    Great idea! I'll do that right now.

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    I have the same problems with my Apple TV, but, not with my internet enabled bluray player.  I usually end up using the bluray player when I want to use Netflix.  I always have problems with Apple TV and Netflix instant streaming.

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