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How do I flex a track that has a Ton of tempo changes, without having to slice it up and flex the separate regions?

Imac, Mac OS X (10.6.5), i7 quad core, Logic 9.1.3
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    You dont flex tracks, you flex regions on a track.

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    But in order to flex a "region" on a track, Logic must analyze the whole track. My track has 100 tempo variations which, once analyzed, make the whole track out of sync with itself, much less just the Region.
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    You should use the term Track only for a 'Lane In The Arrangement Where Regions Can Be Put'. Everthing else is misleading and complicating the matter unnecessarily.

    Yes, you have to put the entire Track (Lane In The Arrangement Where Regions Can Be Put) into Flex mode and Regions on it will cause their actual Audio Files to be analyzed in their entirety which will take quite a while if you've used a coupla small Regions from a two hour feature film.

    First, create an independent New Track WIth Duplicate Settings and move all Regions there which you don't want flexed and which therefore don't need to be analyzed.

    Then, Merge any remaining adjacent Regions or Convert Regions To New Audio FIles. The former to avoid having crossfades, which will refuse to play nice when flexed, the latter to greatly reduce the amount of audio to be analyzed.

    Then, Options>Tempo>Remove Tempo Information From Audio File, followed by Options>Tempo>Export Tempo Information To Audio File. This will make sure Logic accepts the current positions of transients as congruent with the current tempo.

    Then Flex. Now your Flex Markers will remain at their proper positions.

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    Deep..thank you