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Up until yesterday, my Gmail account was working on both my iPad and iPod. It was working at my home last weekend and then I went on a trip and I was able to access Gmail on both devices and when I returned yesterday, now I get an invalid user id or password for Gmail error message. I have deleted my gmail account on both devices, entered them again, checked my IMAP settings on my gmail account as suggested but nothing works. Any other suggestions?

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    Try logging into your Gmail account from another computer. If it works there, the problem is with the iDevices; if you can't log in from another computer, the problem is related to Gmail.
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    Thanks for the response. Yes, I can login from my Mac and PC computers via www.gmail.com with no problem and I can log in with both my iPod and Ipad to Gmail via Safari but not through the Mail app.

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    Welcome to the Apple Discussions and Happy New Year.

    In that case, go to Settings > Mail and delete the mail account, then reenter the information by hand. There have been a number of threads about users' iPads mysteriously changing or somehow corrupting the email account information. Does not always appear obvious what has happened but the solution is delete and reinstall the info.
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    Hello. I am having the same problem. I have followed all previous advice including deleting and reinstalling the account and that didn't work. Any other suggestions?
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    When any app is misbehaving, the first step commonly recommended is to force quit it. The following example is for Mail, but works for all:

    Force quit Mail — there are 2 ways to do this

    1. Double tap Home to open the Recents tray, press & hold any visible icon until they "wiggle" and show the red deletion buttons, then tap that button on the Mail icon, or

    2. Press & hold both the Home and the Sleep/Wake buttons until the red slider appears, then release Sleep/Wake. Continue to hold the Home button until the Mail page is replaced by a home screen.

    Other steps to take, if needed, are in the Tips & Troubleshooting section of your manual. One to try would be the Reset, often also called the system or hard reset:

    You could try a Reset on your iPad, or any of the other recommended steps in the Tips & Troubleshooting section of your User's Guide.

    Reset — Press & hold both the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons for 10 seconds, until white Apple logo appears, then let the rest of the boot process continue.
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    I started having this same problem a couple of days ago not only with my Gmail account but also 2 Comcast POP accounts.  I had not made any change to the mail settings since getting the iPad2 a month ago.  Mail comes through just fine on my iPhone with the same settings.  I'm figuring it's a bug with the latest IOS update.  Apple, are you listening?

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    Thank you. I also suddenly couldn't access my Gmail this evening. After logging in using other devices I tried deleting the account and re-entering the account but that didn't work so I ended up here. Your suggestion of performing a reset helped and my Gmail is restored.