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I've been experiencing a relatively recent problem with getting artwork for CDs that I have imported into iTunes.

Previously I have just used the "Get Album Artwork" function and providing the album was listed on the iTunes store, the artwork has downloaded to my iTune library. Recently this has stopped working, even for albums that I know are on iTunes.

Has anyone else experienced the same? I thought it might be something to do with a recent software upgrade or maybe I have just not got my settings right.

Any insight would be gratefully received.


iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    Yeh me too...whats going on? Is it a bug in the new version of Itunes 10.1.1? Or is there a dispute between Apple & Gracenotes?
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    Update - problem has magically gone away with upgrade to 10.6.6. yesterday!
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    Problem went away when I upgraded the operating system to 10.6.6
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    Hi. I'm new to mac. I've been getting the same problems too. FYI, I own a Intel MBP. I have a huge collections from my previous Windows Media Player. All albums ripped got their album art. But when I tranfered it to iTunes, the album arts did not showed up. I've tried ripping the cd back & try to get album art from iTunes, it failed. It was able to rip the songs but no album art. What is actually happening?