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I am in US. One of my fried had been to Canada and through him I bought an unlocked, no contract iPhone 4. The phone did not come with a micro SIM and it has not been activated in Canada. I still have it in the sealed box. I plan to use this phone on AT&T network for few months in US before I return to India.

I currently have a cell phone (regular with no data plan) with AT&T. I plan to use the same connection but convert the SIM to micro-sim, get data connection and use with iPhone. I have few question on this

1) Has a anyone done similar thing? if yes what has been the experience? Does AT&T oblige the switch over?
2) Does the phone get locked to AT&T network? Can I use the phone with other carriers when I go out of USA?
3) Do all the features (Face time, etc) of the phone function when you use an unlocked phone on AT&T network?
4) Are there any dos/donts?

Appreciate your reply.

iPhone 4, iOS 4, Unlocked (Canada) and No Contract phone
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    I have used a Canadian unlocked iphone in US on T-mobile. It should work and there will be no locking as you move around the US, that happens at the hardware level. I cannot speak to ATT and their contracts, I used a pay-as-you go sim. One thing you have to worry about is that 3G will not work on some carriers (like T-mobile) as it is on a different frequency, you will still have EDGE though.

    You should just look at ATTs packages online and see what they offer, your phone should work as it you purchased it through them, though no idea if you will need a contract. It seems hard to get data-plans on pay as you go.
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    I need to purchase a micro sim card for an iphone 4 purchased unlocked from Canada. I am currently with T-mobile and i don't know where i can buy one.

    I live in Baldwin NY. Any help you can offer would be most appreciated.

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    You can convert a regular sized SIM to micro-SIM using an easily obtainable hand punch, sold on flea-bay. I have done this with two iPhones, and the converted sims work just fine.
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    i've tried this already but it didn't work. Have tried it with 2 separate sims....guess i got a lemon:(

    thanks for getting back to me...
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    It will work fine and won't get locked to ATT. however, the warranty can only be valid in Canada so if somethng goes wrong with it you'll need to go to Canada for service and support
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    I'm planning on taking vacation in Florida in February and would like to use my unlocked iPhone4 bought in Toronto Canada down in the US.

    Can I buy a SIM from AT&T or T-Mobile, etc down there and put in my phone to get voice and data services to do the occasional phone call and data lookup while we are down there? I don't really care if it is 3G speed per se as my Blackberry uses Edge/GPRS and it is okay if this is a restriction of being on the 3G network.

    I seem to see this reference to voice and data plans on PrePaid for AT&T (who has exclusive rights to iPhone currently) but the AT&T Corp/store seems to indicate they only do iPhone on contract.
    http://www.wireless.att.com/cell-phone-service/cell-phone-plans/pyg-cell-phone-p lans.jsp

    I came across this but it may be old as far as buying a SIM card and getting a basic voice plan for $15 + data plan for $20 as the data plan is now 100MB rather than unlimited.

    I plan on being there for a week and just want to use my unlocked iPhone as "god" Steve Jobs intended.

    Can I just buy a MicroSIM from AT&T and get it activated with Voice and Data and just don't tell them it is going in an iPhone which rings in their ears as must be in a contract? Will it jut work with voice and data on the prepaid card and can they do this with a SIM card setup or do you have to have a GO Phone? (Man I'm researching this way too much for what it is worth - it should be simple and transparent).

    How does one go about getting a SIM card when they travel with an iPad then?

    I'm about to say suck it Apple for providing me with an unlocked phone I can't use and AT&T for this exclusivity and contract crap and possibly signing a contract with AT&T to allow this crap.

    Is there a way to do this?
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    there was a user on this forum that used there phone on at&t in the usa and at&t relocked there phone and it could not be used on another carrier I wouldnt do it if I were you
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    I was able to use my unlocked Canadian iPhone in the US recently. I had purchased an iPad microsim from an AT&T outlet on a previous trip but never used it with my iPad - it was not a GoPhone sim. I told them it was for an iPad and I would activate it on my own.

    Then I registered the microsim on the AT&T website as a GoPhone.

    I used unlockit.nz (or something like that) to obtain the correct settings for the iPhone in the USA.

    To actually get GoPhone minutes and data, I had to find a store selling GoPhone cards once I arrived in the USA (I don't think you can do it from the phone or online, because they won't accept Canadian credit cards). I bought mine from a Radio Shack.

    Then I was able to activate the phone on the AT&T network, and it worked fine. No issues with locking it to AT&T - when I arrived home, I popped out the AT&T microsim, put my Rogers one back in, and everything was fine.

    I hope this helps.

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    I have had no problems converting full size sims to micro with the oriental sourced hand punches - I've done 4 already, all work in the UK.

    Here we are lucky to have around 6 different carriers, all using the same system, and we can buy an unlocked iPhone 4 direct from an Apple shop.