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I had to update one of my kids Ipod Touch and it created a backup first. No problem. We tried to restore from the backup after the update and it didn't work. Not a problem, he just re-loaded the Ipod from the multiple libraries we have on various devices.

Here is my problem. This is an XP machine and the drive is bulging with data, and has almost run out of room since the backup. I want to delete the files it backed up. I found them and they are located in places like this:

C:\Documents and Settings\User1\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\Mobile Backups\9C903CDK208\Media\iTunes_Control\Music\F00

C:\Documents and Settings\User1\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\Mobile Backups\9C903CDK208\Media\iTunes_Control\Music\F03

and inside each folder I find a whole bunch of files including music files.

Can I delete all of these folders? Deleting the backup using Itunes did not get read of if. How far back up the chain can I delete?, but can't find them!! It's only about 1.5 gb of data but at this moment it is alot for the drive and I want to get rid of it.


Windows XP