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I organize an event, invite others (we're on SL Server 10.6.5) and the event, that I have organized, reverts to a Maybe/Decline/Accept mode and I can no longer edit the event? It seems to happen on recurring events only.

Thanks to any other server admins who can help.

MacPro 16 & MacBook Pro 17 unibody, Mac OS X (10.6.5), Also run SL Server 10.6.5
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    Ok, Have not found the reason, but I've found the solution. Basically, these were events created prior to our migration from Leopard to Snow Leopard server and for some reason, I ended up being one of the invitees without the ability to edit. I deleted those events and recreated ones in SL and for now, it seems to be ok. I'll see if peoples' acceptance of the event has any impact.