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I've got:
1 x iPhone4
1 x iPad
1 x iPhone 3GS
1 x iPodTouch (2nd gen)
1 x powerBook 15inch
1 x macBook pro 15inch
1 x macMini CoreDuo
1 x macMini Intel single

All connected to my apple base station (1st gen!)

All connect to the Internet ok, but both macminis keep dropping the connection regularly. This is now so much so that I'm finding it difficult to use them for iTunes movie buying and rentals. One of the is in the same room as the base station but only shows three bars in the airport icon.

Is this a Leopard problem or a hardware problem?


IPad, macMini (Intel CoreDuo), G5, MacBook Pro, 16Gb iPhone4, Mac OS X (10.6.5), My first Mac was an Apple Plus :)
  • jcarvajal Level 2 (170 points)
    OK, this is what I see...

    At the moment I'm trying to download the latest version of iTunes (just over 90Mb)

    It starts downloading it without a problem. it downloads around 4-10Mb and then the ISP indicator goes red, followed by the Internet and Server indicators. Some times only the ISP indicator goes red. Interestingly, the AirPort indicator is always green. Once it hits the wall, I re-run the Network diagnostics which turns all indicators back to green and I'm back to download once again, for the next 4-10Mb. Sometimes I don't need to run ND, and seems to go back to life on it's own, although that will only mean another 4-10Mb.

    The rest of my gear works flawlessly, this seems to only affect the macMinis...