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    Well I've got a 5200RPM HDD and its only got 4GB left on a 500GB HDD, so I know anything will be faster. But at least it hasn't overheated like the 7200RPM version I got, which broke before! I am not touching SSD until the transfers hit 1GB each way, no point in upgrading.
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    I have this same problem (a managed library on the internal drive). Here's my question: how do I get the thousands of masters out of the managed library and onto an external drive (referenced library) AND preserve my current library structure? You mentioned "tools to reconfigure your library." In other words, do I need to go through each project and export the masters and then import as refernced? In short, I would like to move all the masters from my managed library to an external drive (reference) but also be able to keep my current library structure (with all the various edits, etc on the images). Is there an easy way to do this?

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    Advice Please!!
    I am new to Aperture and Apple {with 40+ years experience in computers (Yup back to IBM days)}

    I trusted Apple knew best so dove right in !! Yikes!! I can't get deleted files out of Time Machine to return to Aperture??? I was hoping to use TM as one of my backups
    And "vault" will erase any files I delete when it does backup???
    I can take 200 Gb of RAW images a month, want to do some editing, store on at least 2 External backup HD's then clear off my Internal HD and be able to retrieve easily when time avails.
    If I delete from Internal HD will Vault erase?? (Apple "HELP"says Yes! if I understand correctly)

    Thinking best way is to "Export Masters" with metadata - ( and is this usable on a non-Apple Computer?)

    Opinions PLEASE!!

    FundyFlyer ...Lost in the Apple Orchard! { "can't see the Orchard for the Trees"}
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