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I was using my one week old 4th generation iPod touch and it randomly shut off. I tried pressing/holding the power button and the home button, and even both together, but nothing will happen. I also tried plugging it in to the computer, even though it had an almost completely full battery, and neither the iPod or computer did anything. How can I turn my iPod back on?

iPod Touch 4th Generation
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    Same thing happened to me today!! I kept pressing the off button over and over, not holding it down just tapping it, and it turned back on!
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    I have the same exact problem! I also tried plugging it in to the computer or charging it with different cords and nothing happened. This ipod is brand new and I never had this happen in the 3 years I had my first generation touch.
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    same problem with mine, held power and home button and it resurrected. So OK for now.
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    Same thing happened to mine. I still haven't found a solution: tried everything that you've already said. Please, if anyone finds another solution tell me .
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    The same happened to me and I only pushed the home and power buttons at same time for few seconds and it came back.
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    This is quite unnerving as I am considering to purchase one. Have any of you folks had the problem resolved or addressed by Apple?
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    My iPod touch 4th generation's home button has stopped working. i dropped it and the screen crakcjed but still. about 3 month's after tht my home button needed to be pressed really hard and now it compleltly stopped working..

        I have read around a bit and people are saying they have the same problem with their brand new ipod's.