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Windows XP/itunes 2010

Syncing everything except my calendar and I get this message..."the sync server failed to sync the iphone"


iOS 4
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    At least you got it to tell you it wasn't synching...mine acts like it is synching but it actually synchs nothing. Arrrgh.
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    I had the same problem and it's now fixed. The problem was a conflict between Office 2010 and Office 2007. My PC (see operating system and other details below) had an unactivated, trial version of Office 2007 installed, which I never activated. When I decided to activate Office 2007, Microsoft was no longer offering it. So I had to purchase Office 2010, which I then installed. However, when I tried to sync my Outlook contacts, calendar, notes and bookmarks, nothing sync'ed. I made sure everything was checked on the Info tab in iTunes and that I was running the latest version of iTunes and iPhone software. Nothing worked. Today, Jan, 18, 2011, I uninstalled Office 2007 and Office 2010, including all programs that had parts of any Office programs in the program name (e.g., Microsoft Office 2010 Click to Run, Microsoft Word Viewer 2007, etc.). After I uninstalled all of these programs, I reinstalled Office 2010 and everything sync'ed just fine!
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    I am having the same problem, but have Outlook 2003. No other ver is on PC. This started when I updated the iTunes to Anyone have any ideas on what I can do? I have tried everything the help system for itunes says to try including unintalling all itunes related programs and reinstalling as well as shutting off the startup programs through MSConfig and trying. Nothing worked. It says it's synced with no error, but nothing changes on iTouch. Whats also weird is that contacts updates fine both ways. Only the calendar is not working either way, but no errors.
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    I also got the message that everything sync'ed, but my calendar would not sync. Did you go to Control Panel in Windows and uninstall all of the Office 2003 programs listed there? I uninstalled Office - not just Outlook. And I also uninstalled every program that was an Office program (for example, there was a Word 2003 Viewer program I also uninstalled; had no idea where it came from and decided it must have been installed when I originally installed Office 2003).
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    I was hopeful, when I saw you'd fixed your problem, but uninstalling all Office versions didn't help my syncing issue. I still cannot sync Outlook 2010 with iphone 4, and I have the latestr Itunes 4.2.1. I use Windows 7.
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    Itunes doesn't even recognize Outlook 2010, in my Itunes (for iphone4). I have no radio button next to "Calendars." This is nuts.
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    I got thesame problem of calendar not syncing. In fact, when I click INFO in itunes, in the SYNC CALENDAR WITH section, the message reads "no supported calendar application can be found).. Any ideas that will get me thru thie frustration will be appreciated. A;lso, I don't understamd the reference to Outlook calendar. All I know is that my phone came with a calendar icon which opens up the calendar. Can someone explain the connection?

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    If you have multiple email accounts set up in Outlook 2010, you may notice that each one has it's own calendar associated with it, even though you probably only use one Calendar for inputing appointments as such.  Make sure the email acct. which is associated with the calendar you are using is set as default for Data Files:


    Outlook 2010 -->  Account Settings -->  click "Data Files" tab -->  set as default the acct. with the Calendar you are using. 


    I did this today and resolved my Calendar sync problem.

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    Charles, thanks for the reply and help. First of all, I didn't realize that io5 apparently assumes that Outlook 2003, 2007 or 2010 is being used. In my case, I have no Outlook program but use Gmail. I was fortunate to connect with an Apple customer support guy who spent 2 hours with me and resolved my sync problem after many iterations and dead ends. In retrospective, if I was using any version of Outlook and had followed your post of Nov. 30, I could have saved a lot of time and aggravation. Apple would do well to include this recommendation in the io5 web site.