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Jamonico Level 1 Level 1
Hello. I was updating my 3GS to the newest software a few minutes ago and somehow, the cable came loose during synchronization and now my phone is locked in recovery mode with no other option than to restore via iTunes.

I have searched the web and have seen where some have been able to get out of it pushing the home and power button simultaneously. However, it has not worked for me. I was hoping to get some help as I have precious videos on my phone of my son taking his first steps that I had yet to save to my computer

Thanks in advance!

iPhone3GS, iOS 4
  • Nobbie1_au Level 1 Level 1

    I will try to help u here, i had a simalar problems with my 3gs, turn yr iphone off buy hold dwn the on/off button plug yr cable into yr phone and in yr usb port open itunes, press hold the on/off button and the round menu button (IPHONE) at the same time, yr phone will reboot and in itune will show phone in recovery mode follow thw prompts click restore my iphone (or simular) from a back up or it will install factory default if you have no back up, then you can re install the update.

    i hope this helps you
  • Jamonico Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks for the response!

    If I do this restore that you are talking about, will it delete my pictures and videos?
  • Nobbie1_au Level 1 Level 1
    it should give you the option to restore yr phone from the back in yr pc just read eveything to make sure you make the correct selection i think its (restore your iphone) option,
    the other option to to locate yr iphone backup file in yr pc and copy it to another location on yr pc when u have restored yr phone thru itunes and done the backup if you done it correclty all will be good (all files photos ect)but if you made a mistake the locate the copied backup file u made and place it back into the itunes backup file (were u copied it from originally)then you can re sink your iphone and obtain all music, pic ect.
    iam in QLD you can call me and i can talk you thru it if you like if you are in OZ that is

  • Andrea Rimicci Level 1 Level 1
    Jamonico wrote:
    ... my phone is locked in recovery mode with no other option than to restore via iTunes....

    Just restore via iTunes. If your iTunes is the same you using to sync your iPhone all the times, most likely you don't lose anything, as long as it has been backed up, because recovery mode comes after the backup done by iTunes, before the update process.

    After restore, iTunes will ask you if you want restore your iPhone from a previous backup, just accept that and select your correct backup.
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    I also have a problem with the recovery mode which is locked. When my iPhone is restoring, I have a message which says that there is an error (3194). So I can’t use my iphone anymore…
    May somebody help me, please ?

    (Sorry for my English, not really perfect)
  • Andrea Rimicci Level 1 Level 1
    Zoria wrote:
    ...When my iPhone is restoring, I have a message which says that there is an error (3194)...

    3194 is an error who most likely happens when you try to downgrade firmware.
    If you attempting to downgrade, this is not supported and no help available, if any other issue instead, try follow this procedure:
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    Mac OS X
    Hi, May I ask if you were able to recover your pictures? Thanks!