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Hey guys first post on here, well this morning i dropped my iphone 4!! (i know silly of me), Since then its been all glitchy, When you open the sms it starts typing it's self and scroll's up and down and send's message's as if the screen is being touched but i'm just holding it, same goes for emails and such apps where you need to use the keypad, has anyone else has the same thing, or knows how to fix this without sending it away for repair?

A1332EMC380A, iOS 4
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    The standard troubleshooting steps are reset - restore - restore as new

    reset by holding down the power+home buttons without letting go until the Apple logo appears. Restore means restoring from backup through Itunes. Restore as new means going back to factory settings through Itunes.

    If this all fails to solve your problem you will need to visit an Apple store.
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    Tried that im afraid, still not working and i cant take it to an apple store, the closest one is 40 miles away, it looks like the screen is damaged, it looks perfectly fine but is unresponsive/over responsive to touch.

    Any other ideas?
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    Did you buy it form Apple or a network? If a network take it into one of their stores. Otherwise you will have to post it to Apple but I don't know how that works.