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Hi there,
I'm a new Dutch guy here, so sorry if I appear newbie-ish and if my English is imperfect...

I've recently bought an iMac (finally!) and a wireless HP Photosmart B210a printer. I'm having trouble with my printer, which is connected wirelessly through a TP-Link WR1043N router.
After I installed the printer, I was able to print and even scan wirelessly. But after a while, I somehow can no longer print or scan. This problem persists even after re-installing the printer.

This is what I did trying to solve the issue:
1 uninstall the printer using the hp uninstall utility, using the 'scrubbed method' (pressing <ctrl><option><command> when clicking Uninstall)
2 delete any item containing "hp" of "print" in its name in the preferences folder in the library
3 reset the printing system by pressing <ctrl> and clicking the printer list in system preferences
4 run software update from the apple menu
5 download the latest printer drivers from hp.com (PSAIO_08_B210_USW_Full_Mac_WW74.dmg) and install the printer
6 reserve an IP-address for the printer in the router settings
7 set the ip-address in the printer's wireless settings
8 download the latest printer drivers from the apple website via this page: http://support.apple.com/kb/DL907 and install them (executing packet scripts takes a lot more time than indicated: 'less than a minute' appears to be an arguable period of time)

Unfortunately this doesn't do the trick for me
When I print a page, it works the first time but after that I simply can't print. The print job is stuck, while the print task list keeps searching for the printer indicates that it is off line.
I can access the printer's built-in web server by entering it's IP-address in my web browser (I can even scan using this web page!). When I run the wireless setup wizard on the printer, the stuck print job comes out eventually...

Any suggestions?

iMac i7 27", Mac OS X (10.6.5)