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Hi everyone,

I just bought a new ipod classic, because my old ipod touch was full.

I created playlists on my ipod and dragged al my prefeered music in it. Eveything worked fine !

Now since yesterday the playlists won't update anymore ?? When I check "music" on my ipod I can see the songs are on it, but they don't appear in the desired playlist.
Even if I go to "artists" on my ipod I can see the songs, but they won't appear in the playlists on my ipod ??

Could someone please help me ??

Thanks a lot !

Windows Vista
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    Manofsoul wrote:
    I created playlists on my ipod and dragged al my prefeered music in it.

    Dragged? I'm not aware you can drag to a playlist on the iPod, do you mean you created an *On-The-Go Playlist* and added songs to it using the press-and-hold method?

    Playlists work slightly differently on the iPod Classic.

    On the Touch, (you will recall that) you create a Playlist, name it and then add songs to it. Even after a Sync with iTunes, you can edit those Playlists on the Touch. (But the original list would be used after the next Sync.)

    And here's the difference, on a Classic you create an *On-The-Go Playlist,* add songs and save it (if you wish). The iPod names it as *New Playlist 1.* When you Sync the iPod, the Playlist gets re-named as *On-The-Go X* (where X is the next number up from the last one used). {No, I don't know why, the re-name only began after a recent update.} Once that Playlist is on the iPod as an On-The-Go list, you cannot edit it on the iPod.

    So if you do want to add to an existing Playlist, while using your iPod, you would need to create a new On-The-Go and save that as another *New Playlist.* After a Sync with iTunes you would need to combine the two Playlists in iTunes and then Sync that to the iPod.

    So, have a look for the playlist under the name "On-The-Go X* and make sure when you Sync your iPod that you have selected the sync option for Playlists.