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My iPod is not storing as many songs as it used to. I've added five songs recently, and I got an error message that it could not sync as many songs as requested. So I unchecked some songs, and I've unchecked about ten albums' worth by now, but it still can't sync everything checked.

So now I'm noticing, when I'm in iTunes and click on my iPod, that the capacity says 1.61 GB free, but when I click "sync," the blue bar pops all the way across and it says 0.01 GB free, and it says there is not enough room for everything.

Does this sound like an error, and is there a fix?

Windows Vista
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    I restored my iPod, and then it said 1.59 GB is free, but it refused to add a song because "there is not enough space." I tried to sync again, and again, and eventually it added the song for some reason, but then the free space went down to nothing again.

    So, the problem is solved in that my iPod has all the songs I want on it, but iTunes is still acting weird.