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A small but aggravating issue.
My name in Address Book has a middle initial: "T". When sending mail it displays the name as "<First> T T <Last>" but not for all accounts.
I can not find any "T T" names in the system except in previous emails.
Looked (almost) everywhere.
This one has got me baffled!

many up to PB17, G5 Dual & MBP15, Mac OS X (10.5.1), G5 Dual with 4 displays
  • Austin Kinsella1 Level 6 (11,510 points)
    "not for all accounts" - are you saying you have several email accounts, and this problem occurs in only some of them?

    When you see Joe T T Soap where are you seeing it?

    Do your recipients see it?

  • unixRus Level 1 (0 points)
    Yes - some accounts do it others not. Usually right after creating a new account. Just happened again as I am switching ISP's again forcing me to duplicate all accounts.

    It shows up in the "From", "To", "CC", ... fields of the email. Just got a another one last night from my son and my middle initial was again repeated.

    In short - it is random and intermittent and not repeatable on demand. Not a show stopper, just cosmetically ugly and aggravating.
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    I am getting the same problem but with entire middle names. I.e. Apple mail will auto fill email addresses as I type them with the format: "First Middle Middle Last<Email>". It appears to be getting the First Middle and Last names from my contact book, but caching them with a double middle name. If I go into the Window menu => Previous Recipients window I can remove the cached name, but in many cases it will reappear again after sending another email to that person.

    What is worse is apparently the recipient of the email can see their name mistyped.
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    I am getting a similar error, where an IMAP account that receives an email from a sender that is not in my address book, when a Reply email is initiated, the senders email address changes from abc@def.com to <abc@def.com>abc@def.com><abc@def.com>.
    if I send it, the email never gets there, nor do I get any kind of error response from the server...

    There was another thread about this exact behavior about a year ago, but there has been no move on the bug reporter for it, nor can anyone post further replies to the issue.

    This apbizarre behavior only occurs on ONE user account on the Mac Pro. The replies work fine on a fresh account, as well as on an iPad.
  • lee317 Level 1 (10 points)

    I am seeing this as well.  Since I have multiple accounts setup for myself I will actually see it for my own other email addresses that are not in the Apple Address Book.  Very irritating.  I found that I too can manually remove them from the Previous Recipients but they will crop back up again in no time.

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    Looks like I've found "a" solution, hopefully "the" solution by stumbling around in the address book after checking user account, remote server and this here thread.


    I have several email addresses and all of them have my name associated with them but ONE "card" associated with address in particular had a MIDDLE INITIAL entry field, where the rest did not. My hard headed /pragmatic (and i'm sure in the frenzy of setting up one or more of the POP accounts EXPEDIENT) solution was rather than figure out how to access the middle initial window by second guessing some over-clever Cupertino interface guru who made the function of this middle initial this option "so obvious" that it's eludes yours truly I cheated and put the initial in the first field... and since my name W T works like E. B. White's etc etc. this worked fine until ONE of the accounts like this started picking up the initial from the ONE in particular which HAD the initial field and utilized it as designed... Once that was deleted and harmonized with the other myriad "mickey moused" ones it cleared up the problem.


    How to make the middle initial field reappear in all the other address cards save for the ONE is still beyond my understanding so let me know what I'm missing if ya'll know the easter egg to make this reappear...


    Here's to hope this sticks and helps ya'll out, cheers –wt


    2.93 GHZ Intel Core Duo yadda yadda running OSX 10.5.8

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    Are you saying that you got rid of the issue by NOT using the middle name field? I've got one user with this issue and so far I have not figured out how to fix it. I've turned off all syncing, as I thought it had something to do with Mobile Me or our


    I've also got a similar problem with the medical suffix on the contacts for my parent's names. I keep putting them in as <First as first name> <Last as last name> <D.O. as suffix>, and they end up as <First as first name> <"Last D." as middle name> <O. as last name> <nothing in the suffix field>. I thought this was caused by my Gmail syncing, but I'm not sure now.


    If you want to add a middle name field (or others) to a record in Address Book:

    have a contact selected that you are currently editing

    click Card --> Add Field --> Middle Name


    We're definitely seeing this in 10.6.8, I may be seeing the suffix issue in 10.7.2.

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    I am still (as of 10.7.3) seeing the doubling of my middle name and suffix in certain emails that I see and it shows in previous recipients.  A fix would be great as it draws questions often.  Hope springs for resolution with Mountain Lion.

  • BDAqua Level 10 (121,670 points)

    Did you try deleting that one in Previous Recipients?


    Do all the cards have a Middle initial field?


    SElec All then Card>Add Field>Edit Template... does Middle show there?

  • coreoftheapple Level 1 (0 points)

    I have been deleting all the entries for me that show an iteration of this problem in previous recipients everytime I get an email that shows my name incorrectly.  It is sometimes difficult to tell whether their (the sender's) computer has it wrong or mine but I have seen at least one or two instances of either the middle name or suffix being doubled when I check each time.


    The frequency of this has diminished over time so I suspect that deleting the incorrect entries is helping or the bugs are slowly getting removed.


    As to the cards question, my problem is just for me and all the relevant email addresses are on my address card so there shouldn't be an issue there.


    I suspect that this could be related to perpetuation of things when my multiple Macs and phones got synced way back when with Mobile Me and now iCloud.


    With everything tied to one synced-up address card though, this really shouldn't be an issue that recurs by my thinking.


    Thanks for the suggestions.

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    OK now I am on 10.7 &  same problem. I guess the coder decided to include middle initials as part of the first or last name for whatever reason and it is not  fixed yet.


    So the hack solution is to move all your middle initials/names into the First Name field. It has now fixed my ugly email addressing. Side effects? Don't know but I will post here if any crop up.

    I can not fathom why this bug/feature has not been fixed for all these years.


    Maybe it is fixed! I have one 10.8 system that works. A minimal check but it looks good. (Time to upgrade from 10.7??)

    I'll update layer after more use.