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My older brother bought a 13-inch MacBook Pro back in July 2010. Today he ordered a 15-inch MacBook Pro with more hard drive space, more ram and a faster processor. When he bought the 13-inch back in July I bought his old 15-inch MacBook Pro and the warranty was going to expire in a week so I purchased AppleCare for almost $400 with tax and shipping. Now my question is can I transfer my current AppleCare plan to the 13-inch MacBook Pro? And also since there are about 7 months left for the 1 year limited warranty, will the other 18 months from the previous Mac add on to the 7 months and make it 25 months?

15-inch MacBook Pro, 2.53 GHz, Mid 2009, Mac OS X (10.6.4), iPhone 4 32GB
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    I can't make out from your post precisely what it is you'd like to do, but the general answer to your question is that an AppleCare plan stays with the machine it was bought for. Under no circumstances can it be extended beyond its orignal expiration date, nor can it be used to extend any other plan except the original warranty on the machine for which it was purchased. You may want to call AppleCare and get an answer straight from the horse's mouth (particularly if you can explain your intentions more clearly), but I expect their answer will be pretty much the same. If it isn't, please post back — I'm happy to be set straight if I've misinformed you.
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    Hey, thanks for the reply. What I was trying to say was, can I transfer my current AppleCare plan to a 7 month old 13-inch MacBook Pro. But I will call Apple when I get a chance and see what they say. If they give me a different answer i will be sure to post back. Thanks again!