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I'm having issues with connecting my IPOD Touch to my Linksys Secured WPA2 network.

My IPOD touch is 4th Generation.
OS = 4.2.1

It sees my Network and asks me to type in the password. The password is very long and after I type it in it states "Unable to join the network"

Can anyone help? Is there an App I can download to help?

IPOD Touch, iOS 4, Ipod Touch (4th Generation)
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    Additional information on this issue...

    Linksys Router = WRT400N

    I've never had issues attaching other devices (PC's, Laptops, Wireless Printer, etc...) to this network.

    Has anyone tried attaching to a SECURE WPA2 network? I wish this device had a USB port then I wouldn't have this issue as I have a USB Flash that would install the information onto the device.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Does anyone know how to get the MAC address on the IPOD touch?
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    Go to Settings > General > About > WiFi Address for the iPad MAC address.
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    Still cannot attach to Secure network after I put MAC address in wireless router.

    Can anyone tell me how to turn off the hide password feature so I can validate the password I put in?

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    I've put the MAC address in my router, but now I am getting an incorrect password message. Can anyone tell me how to turn off the hide password feature so I can verify the password I just typed in?
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    You do not need to input the MAC address into your router unless you have the router set to MAC address filtering (which I suggest you leave off).

    Second, an overly long password just creates a host of problems and provides little, if any, extra protection. WPA2 has never been cracked and anything over 8-12 characters is going to take more computer horsepower than is available in the world today. So, shorten the password and log your touch onto your network.