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I recently changed my Apple ID from my first name to my email address in order to set up MobileMe. Now, however, when I attempt to update an app on my ipad, the update window displays my old Apple id and when I type in my password, it tells me it is incorrect. I have signed out and in on both my ipad and imac with the new ID and password but for some reason when I want to update an app, my old ID is displayed. Help!

Ipad, iOS 4
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    Same problem here. Changed Apple ID and the update app prompt to enter password still has old ID in it. How to change this? can't update apps...
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    On the iPad go to Settings>Store and log out of the existing account and log into the new/updated one.
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    Thanks lllaass,

    That is how you change the log on/off on the App Store in the iPad. So now since you have 2 Apple ID's that you use, you will have to log back and forward from you old and new ID to update the apps depends under what account you have installed the application.

    If apps are free that you have installed on your iPad from the old account simply erase them and install them from your new Apple ID, but if you spend some $$$ then you will have to use both ID's to keep your apps up to date.

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    Yes, I have signed out and signed back in with my new apple id and that did not fix the problem. I am still unable to update any apps. I still receive the error message disp[laying my old id at the top and telling my my password is incorrect even though I know it is not. This is ridiculous!
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    I have an apple ID that keeps popping up that I haven't used since before ipads, iphones and touch apps were even invented i.e. I have NEVER bought an app with this ID. However, for certain updates my brand new ipadv2 is requiring me to sign in to this old account that I don't even remember the password for!! I can't even imagine how apple made a connection between apps and this ID at all except that some old music, in my itunes library WAS purchased with this ID a couple of years ago. Does this make sense to anyone? and I tried logging out and logging in; I updated all acct info and everything else so far advised here.
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    I'm having the same problem after changing my Apple ID to reflect my new mobileme email account. The itunes support desk have been of no help. Does anyone have any work arounds?

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    SOOO frustrating! My iPad2 just refused to let me change my Apple ID in the Updates section of the App Store. I changed it in iTunes. I changed it in Settings. Wherever I could, I changed it. No way to persuade Updates. When I last synced, I tried to remove 25 apps that were on the iPad when I swapped it with my son. I owned many of the same apps, but that didn't matter. Even when I told iTunes to remove them, his stayed on the iPad after a sync. Now I've gone through every app and removed anything that wasn't there when Apple delivered the iPad at the Apple Store. My fear is that as soon as I sync, they'll all come back onto the iPad. We'll see. BTW, almost all the apps I'm talking about--Yelp, Google, Google Books, Netflix, AP, etc.--are FREE. What's the point, Apple?

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    Same exact issue here. Changed the account ID to appease the MobileMe requirements and now I can't update any of my paid for apps. Worse yet, I have been have any ongoing email conversation with Apple customer service and they have yet to directly answer a question. They keep giving me standardized answers as if it is a 'bot replying.


    For example, when I stated that "I am unable to update the apps on my iPad and iPhone as they are looking for the old account ID. How do I re-point them to the re-named account?", the reply from customer service was "I understand that you would like to rename your iTunes Store account. I am happy to provide all the information regarding this."


    This is the seventh reply on this email chain and I there hasn't been a useful answer that even aligns with the question asked.

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    You need to sign into the App/iTunes store wight the account you purchased the apps/music with.

    You cannot transfer/update apps to a new iTunesID.

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    I have a similar problem, which is after i changed my password upon apple's request, it tells me u have to tap continue and sign in to view billing information, then i enter my password, then it tells me that i have a problem with a previous purchase , although i didnt purchase anything at all since i got into apple, cuz I DONT HAVE A CREDIT CARD, so i never got anything with money, all my stuff from app store is free, and i dont know what to do???? Plz it would be great if someone helped.


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    Same thing happened to me just a couple hours ago. You have to delete all the apps that need to be updated. Then redownload/install them with your new id and password.