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My ipod touch is not showing all of my music in 'songs', which I assumed showed all music on the device. I have about 7 Third Eye Blind songs on here and I can find all of them using the 'search ipod' tool, but only 2 of the songs show up in the music app. This is an example. I have about 1000 mp3's on the device but only about 300 or 400 of them seem to be visible unless i do an OS search for the individual file.

Also, the device is not showing file names correctly. I assume it looks at 'tags' or something for the info. well, this is really annoying. It should show the file name because sometimes i rename files to find them easier.

ipod touch 4G, iOS 4
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    I think I at least know now why music isn't showing up. It looks like the songs not showing have id3 v1 tags in the file. I'm using mp3tag to batch convert all songs to id3 v2.3.
    Nice to know i've gone all this time without hearing a large percentage of my music.
    I say either develop better software for detecting ALL mp3 music or get rid of this stupid 'tag' thing altogether. I highly doubt the latter is possible, so..