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When I go to the Apps section of my library and click "285 updates available," I always get the same error: "The iTunes Store is temporarily unavailable." I have no problem accessing other areas of the iTunes Store. This has been going on for weeks.

There are certain apps that are too large to update on my iPhone directly, so I need to be able to update them from within iTunes. Any thoughts?


iPhone 4, Windows 7, iTunes
  • Toiler Level 1 Level 1
    Same problem here using iTunes 9.2.1 for MacOS X. For several weeks, the 'Check for Updates' selection just sits and spins before finally timing out with a message about the app store being unavailable. What's more, my iTunes Apps icon shows only two updates available, while the phone says 14. And no other web/connectivity problems have shown up elsewhere in iTunes or in any other software running on my machines. (And I have no firewall software installed; never have.)

    Good luck with this. I'm not trying to co-opt this thread, BTW, just showing that other people have the same problem.