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Since I last posted this problem in http://discussions.apple.com/message.jspa?messageID=12145027#12145027 the topic has been archived. But there might be some that will benefit form my experiments trying to solve this problem.
I tried every configuration possible in the router (D-Link DIR-628), and the Wi-Fi would be intermittently fast and slow, mostly slow, in my MacBook 13 unibody. Finally, after weeks of trial and error, I discovered a simple solution.

*The MacBook 13 unibody cannot operate in clamshell mode.* So, if your have it connected to an external monitor and keyboard, you need to keep your MacBook 13 unibody open in order to get full speed. It must be something about the antenna's design that prevents this model to work in clamshell mode.

MacBook 13 Unibody, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    I'd like to add my experience to this post. I have a mid-2010 Macbook Pro 13 and when I first attempted to use it with an external monitor, keyboard and mouse - I too experienced significant slowing of the wi-fi speed. About 3 months ago, we swapped our existing router (non-Apple) for an Airport Extreme. That seems to have somehow cured the problem. While this does not address the issue with a 2008 product, I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has similar experience and/or if this potentially corrects the problem for other (earlier model) Unibody owners.
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    Hi, first post here. I believe I have a solution...appologies if it doesn't work for you though!


    I've been experiencing identical problems to the ones mentioned here, and on other sites, with my 2011 MPB 13 since purchasing a 12 south stand the other day. Unusable in closed clamshell; either flat on the desk or in the stand


    I have a D-link router provided by my ISP. After much playing around I've found an incredibly simple sollution. Having my MBP placed in the stand (veritcally) with the black plastic strip facing the ceiling so the apple logo is upside down the signal performance is near perfect. This is the only way it will work!


    Again appolgies if this is isn't effective, but worth a try.

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    **In addition, having it 'aiming' at the router is important. By this I mean having one of the ends (e.g. the superdrive slot) pointing roughy where the router is located. My router is 3 rooms away.

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    I dont have any problems with wifi signal levels or temperature, but when I copy large files to the nas over wifi in clamshell mode the whole machine slows down, the mouse jerks and the keyboard keys miss or get stuck (some key keeps repeating even when I dont press it). Wifi performance is "ok" but the machine slows to a creep. When I open the lid it starts working as its supposed to. *SIGH*


    I just callled a service center, they suggested that I try with an external drive and a fresh os x install to see if it works. I hadnt thought about that option so I'll try that next,

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    The same. Only works if the Macbook is standing in the same room as the router.

    In the next room the sendrate shrinked down to 41,5 % on average and the RSSI also lost about 20 %.

    Meaning the connection between the Macbook and the router is getting worse.


    That also leads to an overproportional loss in internet bandwidth... down to 0.04 Mbit/s download! It doesn't matter if I have a contract about 10 or 20 Mbit/s download... and that's the important figure for me. That means it was down to 0,4 % of my average download bandwidth. Equals... internet is not usable any more.


    When I tested it opened, it had perfect connections at the same time.

    Just the clamshell-mode (closed mode) doesn't work.


    Different wifi channels had small differences (max 1-2%) on average. Network mode changes from mixed over b, g, or n the same. n was up to 5% better with RSSI. After that the mixed mode worked the best. The other modes also had a loss of 50% in the sendrate in comparison with the mixed mode.


    Additional wireless devices (bluetooth keyboard, 2.4 GHz mouse) didn't disturb more than 1%.

    The wired external screen disturbed around 1-2% with open Macbook.

    It also hasn't change after downloading the latest airport software.


    Overall Apple should offer a kind of software update or an external antenna (usb-stick) to make sure the Clamshell Mode works in another room than where the router is standing. Otherwise it's not possible to work professionally. Not even email can be used properly.