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Is there any way to transfer game data from ipod touch 3g? (2009 release) to iPhone 4?
I dont want to complete angry birds and cut the rope again as i already have on my ipod which i now rarly use due to having an iphone, and new levels are now available.
Neigther are jailbroken nor do i want to do it.
Is it possible?

Iphone, iPhone OS 3.1.3
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    The only way I know that this MIGHT work would be to restore your Iphone from the backup of your Ipod. Your Ipod's backup contains all application data such as high scores etc...

    This would also however wipe out your Iphone data and media. It would mirror your Ipod. You could use syncing to put iphone data on ipod before creating an Ipod backup.

    Make sure you have all media copied into your itunes library computer first. The backup does not hold any media(tv shows, music etc...)

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