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When applying an existing location to one or more photos, a new pin/location is created, rather than assigning the existing pin/location. The off-set of the new location is affected by map zoom level, and as a result, can range from feet to miles.

Steps to reproduce:
View at least two images
Switch to Places View
Assign two images a location (by dragging to map, or search field)
Deselect one of the two images (Note: Skip this step to move the location)
Hover mouse over the Location Pin just created until it's Label appears
Right-click the Label and choose "Assign Photos"

A new pin will appear above, and slightly to the right, of the existing pin. Complete with location information appropriate for where the new pin is located.

It is also possible to off-set/move the location of existing tagged images by re-applying (via right-click/Assign Photo) the same location to one or more images.

There also seems to be a similar discrepancy when defining a location in My Places. I sure hope all my HOURS of assigning locations hasn't been wasted!!!

Mac OS X (10.6.5)