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I have an odd problem. Safari has suddenly decided it doesn't have Flash or Silverlight installed, even though it does. Both You Tube (Flash) and Netflix (Silverlight) are reporting that I don't have the proper plugin installed. But I do. Both these sites worked yesterday and I didn't do anything to remove the plugins. What's more, I've even reinstalled both, without luck.

Both Flash and Silverlight work through Firefox and Chrome.

safari->help->internet plugins shows no plugins.
library->internet plug-ins shows flash player.plugin, flashplayer.xpt, and silverlight.plugin
I do have the developer menu visible and DO NOT have javascript or any other function disabled.

The only thing I've done since yesterday is install iLife '11 and the associated updates.

Anyone know a solution to this problem?


Macbook, Mac OS X (10.6.5)