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I'm having airport problems with my Mac Pro 2008 2x2.8GHz. Im running an Airport Express G router, and it seems to be working semi-properly - my ipad and iphone can connect to the network/Internet no problem.

When the Mac Pro attempts to connect, half of the time it has a connection time-out, and half the time it connects to the network no problem, but zero internet. The airport extreme card is recognized properly under system profiler, and ive never had a problem with it.

Also, the airport express is no longer viewable in airport utility, except very rarely, always showing up as 'green', and no problems connecting to the internet with other devices.

I also tried deleting cache files to no effect...

It's hard for me to determine whether or not its the Mac Pro without another Macintosh to run airport utility from.

I have signed in as other users with the same results, so it doesn't appear to be any preferences... And as a result, ive had to type all this on the iPad! : )

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    I know that some of the earlier MP's had an issue with their wireless SIGNAL. I have no idea what years, sorry.
    It kinda sounds like you have "spotty" coverage. Can you move the router closer to the MP or the other way around just for a test to see if that helps.
    Have you tried using the Ethernet cable to see if there are any issue's?
    Tried uninstalling the wireless card and reinstalling it?

    Hope this helps....