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Probably six months ago, my phone just stopped having service. I called Apple, and after many suggestions, the lady told me to try to disable my 3G, and see if that worked. I had service instantly. I didn't know how much 3G actually sped up enternet and downloading videos until just recently when watching my other friends with iPhone's. What should I do? I want my iPhone to work with 3G, because I paid for an iPhone, just like everyone else did. Mine should be just as fast in my opinion! haha

iPhone 3gs 16gb
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    You're not alone. I've had my iphone (3Gs) for about a year and I have never had good 3G reception no matter what my location is (I travel alot for work). I've taken the phone into AT&T numberous times to complain and I get the same response everytime, "We haven't heard of this problem and we will reset your network settings and replace your SIM card". I like what my iphone offers in terms of features and applications, but it's a horrible phone. I have to turn off the 3G network to make calls and send text messages. Unless apple and AT&T can solve this problem I will choose a different phone and provider when my contract is up.
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    I typically shut 3G off for this reason. Edge works just fine for making phone calls. Unfortunately, if you want to stream music (Pandora, etc.) or go anywhere with Safari, you need to get close to a 3G tower. For example, in my office at work ... no bars w/3G and 4 bars on Edge. It's not the phone, it's ATT's network that needs work, in my mind.