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Hello All

I've been battling this problem for a while now so thought I would post a message to see if anyone else has had the same problem.

I live in Holland but am from the UK. I brought my Ipad in Holland and set the keypad up to type in English. But it doesn't. Everytime I type the word 'the' it ALWAYS types it in capitals so I have to keep going back and deleting and typing again. Everytime I type the word 'a' it puts a mark above it like the french A.

I checked the settings and it still says it is in English but I know it can't be as the words it comes up with are not normal and the two problems I mentioned above.

I can't believe this might originate from buying this in HOlland and it being set up in English......

Anyone else had problems or got any ideas????



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    I checked the settings and it still says it is in English

    In Settings > General > International > Keyboards, is there only English on the list and nothing else? If not, use the Edit button to delete any other keyboards.

    Otherwise you might try a Reset.

    Buying it in Holland should not make any difference, the software is the same everywhere they are sold.