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I just got an iphone4. I did not sync my old iphone(and had not syncd it in a few months) before I syncd my new iphone4. Consequently, my photos from my old iphone are not on my new iphone4 and I have old txt messages etc. Is it possible to sync my photos from old iphone to my iphone4?
Also, as I did not sync the old iphone before syncing the new one will that mean that all my contacts and music may not have syncd properly?
Any help would be appreciated!

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    Welcome to the discussions,
    As for your contacts, sync the old phone to your computer, make sure that the changes you made are copied to the address book on your computer. Then sync your new phone to copy the changes to your new device.
    Since the photos you took with the phone are stored in the backup of your phone, you would have to restore your new phone using the 3G backup. But this will delete what's on your new device again.
    You could try to set up a new user on your computer, log in, deactivate autosync and autolaunch in iTunes and connect the old phone. Then copy the photos to your computer, shown here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4083
    Then copy then across to your normal user account.
    Music is one way only, from the computer to your device, unless you bought the songs in itunes and transferred your purchases in iTunes by using File->transfer purchases.
    There is 3rd party software out there, but not supported by Apple, see this thread: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=2013615&tstart=0