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(All bought original apple products)

I have recently bought a iPod Touch 4G 32GB really love it, but i have some weird charging issues. The cable that came with the iPod (Apple Dock Connector to USB Cable) charges and syncs fine with any computer. It only will not charge the iPod Touch with the Apple USB Power Adapter (Europe) that i bought recently. The adapter also didn't charge with the new Apple Component AV Cable that i have. So i thought that adapter was somehow broken, i contacted the company where i purshed the Apple adapter and they sended me a new adapter and for the caused trouble another Apple Dock Connector to USB Cable!

So i received a new adapter and cable and i pluged in the new adapter in the wall socket and used the Apple cable that was sended with the adapter. It charges fine! So i tried using my original Apple cable that was bought with the iPod Touch but it still didn't charge it only made a whistling sound. The Apple component AV cable also still did the same thing.

The first adapter that i thought was broken did work with the sended Apple cable!

The Apple Dock Connector to USB Cables may look the same but they are slightly different: The cable that came with the iPod (cable 1) feels thicker than the sended cable (cable 2). Cable 1 usb connecter is at the bottem straight and sharpe cut, cable 2 is rounded. Cable 1 's cable feels stiffer then cable 2. Cable 2 as a smooth cable finish and cable 1 feels rubbery.
And the 30 pin connectors look a tiny bit different, it's hard to describe that.
See images below-->>>

Does anyone know this problem?





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