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I have a MacBook Pro 13" bought in October 2010. I have also bought an adapter for DisplayPort to HDMI (Ekom), it is specified: "for Display Port 1.1a and HDMI 1.3b" but when I connect my computer to my LCD Display (Samsung), I have the video but not the sound. The output are my computer speakers.
In my Audio Settings output where I can choose my "device for sound output", I have only "Internal Speakers"...
I though the problem came from the adapter so I have returned it to my seller and I have received a new one, but the problem still persist...

Anybody has already had this sort of problem or can help me?

Thank you very much!

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MacBook Pro 13" 2010, Mac OS X (10.6.5), 2,4GHz, 4Go RAM
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    Some mini-Displayport-to-HDMI adapters don't support audio. Perhaps yours doesn't.
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    It's written on pack that it supports "non compressed Audio LPCM" and "non compressed Audio such as DTS digital and Dolby Digital"
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    I found this while searching another forum for people having similar issues...

    "If you have a 15" MBP with a Core2Duo and not one of the "i" processors, then your MBP does not support audio out through the mini displayport.

    Sorry, but I can't answer the question of how you somehow managed to have it work without a separate audio cable going to the TV. Yours is the "single" instance I have seen or heard of anyone having it work at any point in time with any prior model.

    You'll not get any additional help from Apple even with the purchase of the additional 2 years of Applecare, because audio out is not officially supported through mdp prior to the April refresh on the MBPs. Besides that, you have Applecare for the first year without any additional purchase as it relates to hardware malfunctioning."
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    After some more research it seems that audio and video through the mini display port is only supported on MBPs with the i5 or i7 processor. As the 13" is only available with the C2D, it does not support audio out via HDMI.
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    Andrew, I don't believe that's correct. My understanding is that all the MBPs introduced in April of 2010 support audio via mini-Displayport.
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    Here's Apple's article saying which models support audio via MDP:


    No distinction is made in it between the mid-2010 15" and 17", i5 and i7 powered MBPs and the mid-2010 13" Core 2 Duo machines. In fact even the low-priced mid-2010 MacBook is listed as supporting it, so I can't imagine that the 13" MBP was left out.
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    From the Apple MBP Tech Spec page...

    MBP 13"
    Pure digital video output
    HDMI output using a third-party Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter

    MBP 15" i5 & i7
    Pure digital video output
    HDMI audio and video output using a third-party Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter
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    That's odd, but I don't think it's significant. I'm sure we've seen posts here from people who are successfully getting audio from their 13" 2010 MBPs' mini-displayports. And the white MacBook certainly doesn't have an i5 or i7 in it. Nor do the late-2009 iMacs.

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    Andrew, I finally found a (the?) place where Apple explicitly says the 13" mid-2010 MBP supports audio-out via MDP. Go to this page:


    ...and see the tiny notes at the bottom, including this one:

    Note: *Audio support is only available for MacBook Pro 13/15/17-in. mid-2010 release; iMac 21.5/27-in. early-2010 release