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Is this possible? I began filming a video today vertically, to which I soon put my ipod touch at an horizontal angle. Everything was fine, till I uploaded it to youtube to see horrid horizontal borders because I began filmed it vertically. I guess this is because I started filming vertical at first.

My question is, is it possible to just flip/turn the vertical filming to the horizontal view so it gets rid of the borders and is at the correct angle I was filming at? If not, I'll just have to make sure I start horizontal in the future to avoid this.


iPod Touch 4th Gen, iOS 4
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    I totally agree! I have done the same mistake with holding my camera the wrong way!! I hope there is some program I can do to solve this. I just went on this great vacation with the whole family, and sooo many of my videos are facing the wrong way. HELP!
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    You can "flip" the orientation of the video using the pro version of the QuickTime Player 7 application. Open the video (in the player), press command-j (show movie properties), then select the video track and you will see controls for flip and rotation under the visual settings tab.

    Really, all you need is an application that can edit/change the properties of a QuickTime movie. I'm almost certain that you can find several applications that can do this.
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    Even although I hold my iPhone horizontally throughout filming, I'm sometimes getting vertical videos - is there a way to ensure horizontal videos ?
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    I like the 8mm Vintage Camera app - it ONLY shoots in the correct horizontal orientation. (... and it has all kinds of special effects. I highly recommend it.)
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    After some experimentation I find that if the iPhone is held in landscape mode, but with the back pointing downwards (parallel to the ground) I always get vertical videos.

    If the phone is held with the back/front plates vertical in relation to the ground, then video orientation depends on whether the phone is in landscape or portrait mode.
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    No, while taking a video, you can neither zoom or rotate, though you can focus
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    You will need a third party app to achieve this on your iPhone. I've fallen victim to the same problem and can recommend an app called Rotate Video (vRotate) by sectroyer which does the job nicely. Currently 59p in the App Store.

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    You can also use "IMovie" to Flip, Crop, etc.. video.

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    iMovie does indeed fix this. Insert the video in your movie (or just create a new project).  Then click on the crop tool. Then you will see two icon buttons --- to roteat the video counterclockwise or clockwise (they look like the image tilted up on one side with an arrow, and the other tilted in the other direction).  Click on one or the other until the image is they way you want it (horizontal or vertical).