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I just bought a used iMac. Migrated my MacbookPro stuff over. When I sync my iPhone I get a "this computer is not authorized message" that then pops up an old email address and password. I replace them with the current email & password and I get a "this computer is already authorized. I can't find the source of the old address/code. Any ideas appreciated.

imac intel, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    I have been getting a similar "not authorized" dialog. I log on to authorize and I'm told this computer is already authorized. I have been experiencing the not authorized with other software that I have installed.

    Restarting and using manual login seems to help but on start up most of my software registrations are not recognized. Creating another user and switching back and forth will cause the authorization to be recognized.

    Not a major problem but definitely aggravating.
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    An iTunes account can only be authorized to 4 computers. When the previous owner had the machine they forgot to unauthorized their account, this is one of the hazards of buying a used machine. You can attempt to unauthorized the account the machine is linked to however I don't think you will be able to unless you have access to that persons iTunes account information. I'd recommend either contacting AppleCare and ask how to proceed or make an appointment with a Genius and they may have some suggestions.


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