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Happy New Year Everyone

Unfortunately I lost a hard disk over Christmas and lost my iTunes library. I have an old backup but since purchasing an iPad have been remiss at making a backup (as I have music, videos, films and pictures on my iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc).

There is an option to sync/transfer purchases from my iPad to itunes (the restored version) but it fails to recognise any purchases on my iPad other than a couple of albums. I have legally bought books, movies and music so find this strange.

I know I should take more regular backups so please don't post any smart alec responses 'you should have backed up more frequently', and yes, I work in IT and should know better.

Humble pie now eaten, please can someone help? I did read someone on an apple forum about deleting itunes or an xml file and starting afresh, does anyone have any detail on this or a link?

BTW Apple themselves have confirmed they can reload my library from purchases as a measure of last resort.

Thanks in advance for any help


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    Transfer Purchases only transfers those items purcashed on the actual iPad - anything purchased or ripped in iTunes on your computer will not be copied to the computer by iTunes. Apps can be re-downloaded for free from iTunes (assuming that you use the same account); music, movies and tv shows can only be downloaded once. Don't know about deleting an xml file.

    You could try doing a search on google to look for utilities that might be able to copy content back from your iPad (I know that some do/did exist for iPod and iPhone, I don't know if any work with the iPad).
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    In actuality, it will transfer all iTunes purchases to a computer even if you originally purchased them on a computer. But it has to be a purchased from iTunes, not ripped or purchased from another place.