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I just had iTunes throw the "locked library" error on me, and one solution I heard of was moving all db out of the iTunes folder and then re-importing 'iTunes Music Library.xml' into iTunes.

According to step 7 in the knowledge base article on Apple's support pages (http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1451) from last September, I was supposed to accomplish this simply by +7. Choose File > Library > Import Playlist.+

In my iTunes 10 this is not an option! I can backup, export, and organize, but not import. Wonder what the use of backup your db is when you cannot reimport it ... Any ideas on how to import the xml version of the db?

MBP 2010, Mac OS X (10.6.5), Quad Core, SSD, 8GB RAM
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    It should be in that stated place; it is in my copy of iTunes 10. What options do you see when you look under File -> Library?
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    I really need to learn how to read and write some day.

    I was focusing so hard on finding the option "Import Library", that I actually thought the KB article said just that in step 7. It was not until you said there was indeed such an option that I recognized the fact that it said playlist.

    It did indeed work, but I still find it curious that they dumped the functionality concerning importing of +music libraries+ into the same option as the one concerning +importing of playlists+.

    Anyhooow, thanks for pointing out the obvious. I actually needed it

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    In essence when you're importing the XML, you're importing one huge, special playlist. And the coding functions internally to iTunes are largely the same. So Apple probably elected to make it one single command rather than duplicate functions with two different names.

    Anyway, glad you found what you needed. Regards.