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    Dah•veed wrote:


    I guess that I am wondering how many of you have managed to create an iTunes account without the None. Option...


    Quite simple really, I went into an Apple store to buy an iMac, and the salesman who sold it to me told me I needed an Apple Id in order to use it and created one for me. A while later, when I went to try and download a free app using the Apple Id the salesman had made for me I discovered I couldn't without entering my credit card details.

  • imuc321 Level 1 (0 points) teenager creats an account using and that method doesn't ask for credit card info.  Easy.  They then try to use that account to purhase a free app (use existing acount)...and it did NOT give the 'None' option ...just as others have reported (I live in Canada in case that matters).


    So my teenager had already used their email to create the apple ID ... AND you cannot delete your apple id once it's created.  So we couldn't test creating the apple ID on the iphone to see if the 'None' option would be there using that path.l


    So at this point we were in I believe we're stuck and HAVE to provide credit card info (or maybe gift card#) in order to download a FREE app. 


    My workaround was to enter my credit card into my teenager's account save / verify.  Then go back in and select the 'None' option which now magically appears.


    This is NOT a's SOCIAL ENGINEERING. Most people will just leave the credit card in there not knowing they can remove it later.


    Apple - this is rotten.  Rotten Apple.

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    I think that Apple just expects that people will do it the other way around. They will find a free app that they want first, try to download it and they will be instructed to create an Apple ID and at that point would be presented a None option. That is the process that is explained in the Apple document that has been linked to a number of times.

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    Perhaps...but there's really no excuse for a company that is so User Experience aware that they don't have consistency in both methods.


    ...other than the excuse of getting people to enter their credit cards so they just might be more likely to make a purchase.  Wouldn't be a bad strategy would it? 

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    my previous post was closed cause i said free apps in the title. it had nothing to do with ripping apple off;;;;here is how you make your account without a credit card

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    you are wrong. i am unable to accept the tos on my itouch without a credit card. if many many people are having the same problem with new account i think you should try doing it with a new account before you tell people they are wrong. not everyone is wrong all the time. in this case you are wrong

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    wish people would stop refering to the nonexistant none option for credit card entry, it does not exist, not on my iphone or my ipod. all the help on this site and others are refering to different versions, on my updated device there is not none option for credit card. if you want to provide helpful help on this issue use a new account with an updated device

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    coolkid2005 wrote:


    wish people would stop refering to the nonexistant none option for credit card entry, it does not exist,

    You mean this one?


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    There is nothing cool about you or your poorly written comments. Instead of telling folks off you should educate yourself so that you know of which you speak. I test everything that I post here so that I know that it works. I have an iPad 2 and an iPhone 4S, in addition to my Macs, following Apple's instructions linked to above for creating an account with no bank card works on all of them and in every country of dozens where I have tested it. I have strated the process of creating a new iTunes account as outlined by Apple in dozens of country's iTunes App Stores on all of my devices, right up to the moment of it asking for the payment method and every time the None option is there.


    The ONLY proviso is that you must follow the steps to create a new Apple ID, no, it does not work with an existing Apple ID. However, after putting the bank card info into an iTunes/MAS account for an existing Apple ID, after you finish creating the account you can go right back and remove it. That will not help those of you without your own bank card, but perhaps a parent can help.

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    Hey coolpunk2005, so I took some time out of my traditional afternoon siesta just for you sweetcheeks and did a little globe hoping on different devices. I visited Canada on my Mac, Ireland on my iPad and Peru on my iPhone. I started to create accounts in each of their respective iTunes Stores, as per Apple's instructions and guess what?  None options in all the stores on my devices!


    Here was my quick trip to Canada;


    Screen Shot 2012-03-24 at 1.04.03 PM.PNG


    next I caught a flight to Ireland with my iPad,




    then the last leg of the journey before home and a six pack of cold, refreshing Carta Blanca, the mountain republic of Peru;





    Dios mio, they all had the non-existant None option. Go post your uninformed fibs somewhere else Señorito!

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    do exactly as my post's LINK says to do and tell me it doesnt work. Im showing ppl how to get the none option withot having to make a new account. Read it instead of glansing at it, writing a comment back to me and feeling important.

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    How does this help? If you alter your email address then how does Apple verify this account, you would never receive the email verification letter?

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    I have the same problem. I registered here, and have taken steps to review information about my account on iTunes.


    However, there is NO "NONE" BUTTON, so those wise guys forgot about Poland, or is it deliberate?


    There is no difference between Mac users here in Poland and other countries. We'd like to enjoy those apps that are for free, too!


    Anyone can account for this?




    Obrazek 1.png

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    Rather than further referring folks to your own post at that link, it is important for you to answer my question put to you above, how does changing the email address used in the Apple ID? How can Apple then verify this account with an email? How does the email get to the fake email address that you are encouraging folks to use?


    Please give us a detailed explanation of how this works (not an explanation of how to do it, you have done that farelywell.)